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Good summary of our new world. twitter.com/thedailyshow/s…
4 days ago
Our self-development resources page has gone live on our website to help you through these WFH times. Click the link to see the free courses you can get involved in...bit.ly/2w7F44ohttps://t.co/ctCPyKqVRW
1 week ago
The govt’s proposal to help freelancers won’t help most freelancers in our business! Freelancers please email the Treasury by 5pm *TODAY* to get the message across that more help is needed! And please share. All info and docs here: bit.ly/2WSHw9L
1 week ago
RT @RidleyScottCG: The crew of the Nostromo didn't follow quarantine procedures. Don't be like the crew of the Nostromo. https://t.co/bq5Q9…
2 weeks ago